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The Fourth “C” by George Frieh

The bedrock of surety underwriting has always been the three “C’s”.  Character, Capital, and Capacity.   We believe there should be a fourth “C”…..Construction. Emphasis has always been placed on the “C” known as capital.   The financial ability to successfully...

Old Company/New Company Ownership Transitions by Joe Clarken

Given the recent trends in ownership transition of construction companies from one generation of owners to the next being dominated by private equity sales and ESOPs, many companies who rely heavily on bond support are often still best served by using a much more...

Understanding Release of Lien Bonds in Arizona by Joe Clarken

When it comes to construction projects, one common issue that often arises is the placing of a lien on a property. A lien is a legal claim placed on a property by a contractor or subcontractor who has not been paid for work performed. In Arizona, there are specific...

Tips for Maximizing Your Bondability by Joe Clarken

People frequently ask “How do I get bonded.” To provide some basic advice about the things that you can control, we offer the following: Keep Personal Credit Clean One variable evaluated by bond underwriters is the personal credit history of the owners of the...

Constructors Bonding Message Regarding COVID-19

"Thank you for trusting Constructors Bonding, Inc. for your surety needs! We are all well aware of the massive changes in life arising daily due to the pandemic of Covid-19. While many of us have differing opinions about the dangers presented by the virus we all must...

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