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Constructors Bonding First to Market with DocuSign Delivery of Bonds.

Constructors Bonding, Inc. has announced successful negotiations with leading sureties for the execution of bonds via DocuSign; allowing for immediate transmission of bonds to all interested parties of a construction project and many governmental entities.

Dave McKee, President of Constructors Bonding stated, “This new delivery method drastically cuts the delivery time of bonds to our clients and their project Owners. Where overnight delivery service was once the gold standard, bonds can now be executed, signed by all parties and in their hands virtually instantaneously.”

McKee noted that “some sureties” still have not caught up with this innovation so it is not available to everyone. But, added “we have a broad enough list to cover a significant portion of the marketplace and expect other bond companies to follow suit in rapid succession.”

Constructors Bonding is a 41 year old surety management company steeped in a tradition of market leadership. CBI is based in Phoenix, Arizona and represents all major sureties. For more information call Constructors Bonding at 480-878-4226 or email Brandon@cbialliance.com.

Dave McKee, President
Constructors Bonding, Inc.