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Constructors Bonding, Inc. is excited to celebrate FOUR DECADES of superior surety management to contractors worldwide.

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Our main line of business: performance, payment and bid bonds for contractors of all sizes and trades

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Starting any business is hard and construction is one of the hardest businesses around.

Constructors Bonding Inc.

A CBI Relationship Goes Beyond the Bond

No Project Too Big or Too Small

Since 1981, Constructors Bonding, Inc. has exceeded the needs of hundreds of surety clients worldwide. Service excellence and market knowledge have made Constructors Bonding, Inc. Arizona’s largest surety agents for many of the world’s leading carriers.

Our clients range from commercial and residential contractors of all trades to manufacturing, technology, developers, and service companies worldwide. When you need any type of guarantee of your obligations, Constructors Bonding, Inc. is prepared to stand by you with bonds from the world’s most respected sureties and most creative solutions.


Surety Clients

Latest Projects

Constructors Bonding, Inc. has provided bonds for thousands of projects.
Below is a showcase of just a few. Hover over each below to read testimonials from some of our clients.



“As one of Southern California’s largest multifamily General Contractors, CBI has been my go-to resource for over 10 years whenever I have any bonding needs. The CBI team has been readily available to us on the day-to-day, and has helped stretch our bonding capacity in the long-term. I would confidently recommend CBI to anyone in need of bonding services.” - Mike Rovner, President, Mike Rovner Construction, Inc.

Westport Construction

"Our CBI bond relationship is a source of profit for Westport Construction. CBI takes the time to understand Our anticipated needs and prepares the capacity to bond any future projects. In addition, CBI has brought opportunities to our company that have greatly contributed to our bottom line. Dave McKee and his staff are always there to exceed our expectations. I recommend CBI to anyone looking for a better way to bond." - Joanne Apodaca, President, Westport Construction, Inc.




“When working in this fast paced environment, it is important to be able to keep work smart. Many times we have last minute bid bond requests and our representative is always available to provide quick turnaround on every request, regardless of it being large or small. They are thorough, professional and very attentive to our needs. Their service exceeds our expectations and we will continue working with them for all our future bonding requirements. Great job! ” - Scott Mitchell, CEO, REDPOINT Contracting


Cell-Crete Contractors

"I recommend CBI to anyone seeking expert surety representation in any trade, and any size company. When others could not get the credit we needed, CBI performed and has continued to perform every time. They are truly our Partner in Performance." - Lou Fisher, President, Cell-Crete Contractors





“Since relocating to Arizona in 1996, I have enjoyed the service and expertise of CBI as my surety manager. Through periods of rapid growth, in the heat of a depressed surety market, CBI never missed on their commitment to deliver more credit, faster, and on better terms. I heartily recommend CBI to any contractor needing surety credit.” - Kelly Sands, President, Icon Builders Inc.



“As a family-owned company it is important to know your trusted team is behind you through up cycles and economic downturns. CBI has managed unwavering surety credit and consultative services to SW Tank for over 10 years. We recently expanded our operations into the Caribbean and our bond relationship never missed a beat! We recommend CBI wholly to anyone that wants professional, proactive, and quality surety management.” - Richard Church and Les Griffith, Southwest Tank and Steel


"Tofel Dent construction has bonding requirements on almost every project we build and we needed a structured bonding program that would support our needs and grow as we did. Dave McKee and his team provided creative solutions and helped us manage our way through the challenges of the bonding market. We are pleased to recommend Constructors Bonding for anyone needing surety credit.” - Jim Tofel, Tofel Dent Construction


“When Creekside Commercial Builders needed bond support, Constructors Bonding, Inc. came through. CBI delivers on time and provides additional value added services such as sub-prequalification at no added cost. Anyone needing bond credit should look to constructors Bonding as their permanent solution.” - Dave Sosner, President/Member, Creekside Commercial Builders

Quality Surety Representation is Essential

At Constructors Bonding, Inc. we understand that no two businesses are exactly alike.

We will customize a program that respects your unique priorities and continue to refine your surety relationship moving forward through market changes, your successes, and changing needs.

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A Better Approach

Constructors Bonding goes BEYOND THE BOND to deliver many value added services to insure your success. Best of all, these services are FREE… ALWAYS.

Corporate Continuity

As a company matures, the time comes to turn over the reins to the next generation. Whether it is a family hand off, ESOP, or 3rd party sale, there are critical considerations to the future of your surety credit. Constructors Bonding has seen dozens of corporate continuity failures and successes and has the expertise and relationships to guide our clients through the pitfalls and opportunities to insure the future is as promising as the past. We protect your residual income and help new management succeed.

Funds Verification for Construction Projects

A contract is only as good as the Owner’s ability to pay. Most recently, volatile material prices threw projects out of budget and out of feasibility. CBI will verify Owners have the capacity to pay a contract with adequate cushion for reasonable contingencies.

Regulatory Compliance

All bond forms are not created equal. Which one is right for you? Which is an acceptable alternative? What can you provide v. what do you have to provide? 

CBI has the expertise to insure you get the right bond AND the best bond for your situation across 50 states, countless cities, town, counties, and foreign and private entities expecting your bond to be the right bond.

Professional Networking Advice

CBI works with the best lawyers, estate planners, CPAs, insurance agents and others to make sure that the advice you get outside your bond relationship is the right advice for your bond relationship.

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